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Sep 14, 2013 Denver's Blog 0 Comments
denverI grew up in El Monte, Ca. I spent all my time hanging out with bikers, the lifestyle was all I knew and all I really wanted to know. The brotherhood is what I loved most, it wasn’t always good times, but in the bad times they all stuck together and took care of each other, that’s what family is all about. In 1996, my wife Tracy and I received Jesus as our Lord and Savior and He lifted us out of a hurtful, destructive life and set our feet on solid ground. As much as I loved serving God, I missed the Biker lifestyle that I knew and loved, but Jesus, knowing the desires of my heart poured out His blessing on me by allowing me to have both. He called it Roadhouse Biker Church, a bunch of misfit Jesus Freaks..I fit right in, and so will you. The amazing thing is that The Bible is our road map, and Jesus leads every ride, and the brotherhood that I love so much…well, it has never been more faithful and true. It’s good to be home, I look forward to seeing you and remember keep you eyes on Jesus, He’s got His eyes on you!


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